Frequently asked questions

Q: Why can't my card be billed?

A: We understand how frustrating it can be not to access your account. Please note that these are some of the common reasons why we might be unable to bill your card:

  • Expired Card
    Please contact your bank to apply for your new card. Upload the new payment method then reach out to us to request the fare for your trip.
  • Transaction Not Permitted
    Contact your bank or log onto your online banking to enable internet purchases for your card. 
  • Insufficient Funds
    Your bank account has insufficient balance - once available funds have been added, you can always contact us to have the outstanding balance processed manually. 
  • Unusual activity
    In order to protect your interests, we may block payments with your card in case of any unusual activities.  

Should you require any further assistance, please contact our customer support. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

Q: How to get a price estimate?

A: As soon as you have confirmed your location, you can enter your destination and get a price estimate

Q: What if I have an issue with a trip?

A: Simply select ‘support’ at the end of the trip or in your trip history. This will bring up a list of options for you to select.

Q: What are Cabbi sedan Rates?

A: R5 base fare + R0.75 per minute + R7.00 per kilometre.

Q: What do I do when the app calculates wrong?

A: There is a fare review option at the end of the trip.

Q: Where can I pick up and drop off riders?

A: You are able to pick up and drop off riders anywhere that is safe and legal to do so. Avoid stopping in clearways, taxi ranks, yellow lines, bus stops, etc. as this may incur a traffic penalty.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: The pay cycle runs from Monday to the following Monday. You will receive a summary of your earnings each week and payment is typically in your account by Wednesday Thursday of each week.

Q: What if I get blocked on weekends?

A: Cabbi has a 24hour/ 365 day support telephone number that you can contact.

Q: What is Cabbi’s telephone number?

A: 086 011 2765

Q: How much does training and registration cost?

A: Cabbi Provides free registration, free vehicle inspection and free training to all drivers.

Q: How can I register with Cabbi?

A: There are three ways you can register with Cabbi, online, email documents to; or come to our office; 2 Meersig building, Upperlake Lane, Constantia kloof, Roodepoort.

Q: How much is Cabbi’s commission?

A: Cabbi charges 10% of every fare.

Q: What safety features does Cabbi have?

A: Cabbi has an in-app emergency alert feature that helps identify where the rider is and also has an OTP in place during registration.

Q: Why should I use Cabbi?

A: It's easy to use application, user-friendly look and feel and also our support team is always ready to provide a solution to your query or concern.